"No matter how many M3 iterations are released by BMW, most seasoned BMW enthusiasts will agree on one thing- no modern M3 can replicate the unfiltered appeal of the original E30 M3.

The E30 M3 is an anomaly even among BMW’s sporting bloodline – a car that was created for competition use first and released to the public purely as a means of achieving motorsport homologation. This clarity of purpose is visible in every aspect of the E30 M3’s design, and it’s precisely the car’s focus that makes it unique.

To most modern day car buyers the E30 M3’s 4 cylinder engine is noisy, rough, and lackluster in terms of bottom-end power output, the suspension rough and unyielding, the interior cramped and uncomfortable by current standards. But the rare few understand the E30 M3 for what it is – a sports BMW in it’s purest form.

The E30 M3 is an ultimate expression of BMW’s motorsport heritage, and every component seen on the car affirms this fact. The 4 cylinder engine is dynamically perfect, allowing the E30 to have fast turn-in and fantastic steering response due to the engine’s short length. The S14 four cylinder sings to it’s redline with an unmistakable noise and produces power at high RPM where it’s needed most. The chassis is rigid and suspension and steering incredibly communicative. The interior is compact and completely driver-focused with no extraneous controls or decorations.”



Grey 550i / AVS

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